Bali Baby

The next chapter of my tropical retreat included Indonesia, namely Bali. People ask me whether I preferred Bali or  Thailand and I honestly don't have an answer for them. Thailand was so amazing with its breathtaking views and colours while Indonesia was just as beautiful, cheap and so friendly. Because I only spent just under two weeks … Continue reading Bali Baby


The Bluest Blue

I've just recently returned from yet another stunning bit of traveling. Thailand and Indonesia. I felt that seeing as I live in South Korea and Thailand is sort of the go-to vacation for the expats here it was time to go. It was everything I'd hoped for and much much more. I met up with … Continue reading The Bluest Blue

Notice any changes?

A new adventure to me meant a new look for my blog. Like it? I've been spending the last couple of weeks trying to fine tune this thing to look more professional, clean and be easier to navigate. But as most things, it's still a work in progress. It's been nearly three months since I returned … Continue reading Notice any changes?