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Finaly on two wheels! Well, almost.


It’s been so great to take a few days off from permanently moving around. After leaving the hotel in Romania Will and I headed further west toward Hungary and finaly Slovenia. Shortly after crossing the border we entered a really prettly little town called Mako. There we found a very beautiful, shady camping site. There was a big river that ran next to it, a very friendly black dog named Negro, two goats and two sheep. The place was covered in white fluffs of cotten from the Cotten Woods and when the wind blowed it looked like snow. There we met two Brits doing a similar trip as us on two 125cc’s. It was nice to hear their stories.
The next day we realised we only had enough money for either petrol to the border or 1 night’s stay. So in order not to have to draw money again we opted to drive to Slovenia where we could get Euros. The next day we drove our last leg in Horny to Koper. It was really great to see Niko again. We got to hear about Jasa and his trip from Turkey through Serbia and Croatia back home. We had some amazing pizza for dinner then went to an open air concert. They were a great local band with a humorous twist to their music and lyrics. The next day we just relaxed around the house and watched tv. We went for ice-cream in the afternoon and a walk along the marina. We then went to a wine and olive festival. This was great fun and for only 3euros we got to taste wine and olive oil the entire night. There were brass bands and a great vibe as you walked through the narow streets from wine stall to wine stall. Needless to say we got home pretty late.
We’ve been taking it pretty easy here, getting paper work ready and trying to find cheap new tires for the bike. Will was very excited, by the way, to get back on his baby so as soon as we landed in Koper we had to go for a nice ride along the coast and through the Slovenian country side. It was really great to be back on the bike and I got even more excited for the rest of our trip. My but did get pretty sore even after only about an hours ride. Hopefully i’ll just get used to it. We paln to leave for Italy by about Wednesday. I’m very excited to see my favourite bella Italia again, not to mention my family. I just hope my but will make it all the way there!

Just trying to catch up!


Ok I think I can squeeze in a couple more minutes before I get chased away again. So It’s a beautifully sunny day in Romania. We had a wonderful stay here last night, thanks to the internet. Today we head west to the border, it’s about 200km away. But let me fill you in on how we got here, hopefully for the last time. So Bulgaria was great, very beautiful but I know Will and I missed out on most of the thing one should see when they are in Bulgaria. After 3 days we entered Romania. We felt an immediate relief as the people seemed friendlier, and the writing was recognisable. Romanian sound a lot like Italian so that’s helped a bit too. The landscape is just as beautiful. We have passed through magical forests with giant pine trees covered in moss. It really adds to the whole vampire theme. There are beautiful mountains and like Turkey, most are still covered in a bit of snow, giving them that real Sound of Music feel. Our first night was spent at a very cheap little motel where we met a nice young guy who showed us the routes we should take to see all the best castles and landscapes. The next day we drove further north to a little town in the mountains where we saw our first castle. It was such a beautiful castle. really from some kind of fairy tale. It had a giant tower and the most beautiful decorations on everything that could be decorated. The garden was stunning too. Statues of little angels and demons and animals were scattered all over with flowers and hedges in between as well as a fountain with some really scary looking faces. We didn’t pay to go inside as we figured the outside was beautiful enough to satisfy us. Plus it was too expensive. we then walked back down the forest path to the town centre where we had a yummy lunch of pizza and a free beer. That night we stayed in a mountain cabin.

the next day we were to see Dracula’s Castle. This Castle in Bran is where the rumours of vampires were said to have begun. This castle seemed a little smaller but we could go inside too. It was very interesting to see how the people of the 13th century designed and decorated their homes, and in this case, castles. It had the most beautiful little quart yard in the middle too, complete with a well and wine cellar. Throughout the interior there were fotos of what it used to look like when the Romanian royalty lived there, this was very interesting too. There weren’t too many of the original furniture pieces in the house but it still made you feel like you had been transported 100 years back. Will and I then enjoyed a delicious lunch of tomatoes and cheese with bread. This seems to have become our staple diet. It’s cheap, healthy and super yum. That night we camped in one of these enchanted forests right next to a gushing river. It was very magical and peaceful. We made some couscous for dinner as just as we got to bed it started raining. My internal clock has been messed up slightly due to the fact that it only get dark here at about 9:30 to 10:00. It’s not great because we still have to get up early in the morning, especially if we are staying in a motel.

Yesterday was spent mostly driving and trying to find a place with internet. But we were in luck when we found this place that was both cheap and internet friendly. So like I said, today will also be spent driving, eating and taking photos. I really enjoyed Romania, there is a lot of history in this country and the people are really friendly, not to mention the beautiful scenery we have seen. I know I haven’t put photos up in ages but I will try to do that when I feel more comfortable and not rushed on like I do here. Possibly at Niko’s place. And so, on to  more adventures. I hope to write again soon.