From Lobster to Bread and Cheese. Minus the cheese.

My last days in India were spent sleeping, eating, searching for the post office, and just roaming the streets of Bangalore in general. I walked through the entire mall in one day, there were some really nice shops there. I found an interesting street market the one day. There were so many different things on … Continue reading From Lobster to Bread and Cheese. Minus the cheese.


New Camera!

Hey just thought I'd give a quick update seeing as I was at the internet cafe again. I went shopping a bit yesterday at that nice mall and ended up buying a new camera! I wasn't planning on getting a new one but my dad said I should. I spent the entire day just running … Continue reading New Camera!

Snakes on a plane.

I have fallen in love with Goa. It is the most relaxing, tranquil place imaginable. The water is the perfect temperature, just warm enough for you to want to run in but still cool enough to beat the heat. And what a heat it is! I have experienced heat like this before but never this … Continue reading Snakes on a plane.