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New Camera!


Hey just thought I’d give a quick update seeing as I was at the internet cafe again. I went shopping a bit yesterday at that nice mall and ended up buying a new camera! I wasn’t planning on getting a new one but my dad said I should. I spent the entire day just running around the mall, going into every electronic shop and decided on n average looking Kodak. It only cost me about R850 after all. But looks like it will do the job. I still think of my poor camera lying on the tracks daily though. I miss him.

Speaking of missing: It’s my second day by myself. I got a quick email from Will this morning saying he was dead tired but safely at his aunt’s house in England. He also sounded very excited that he finally had his new toy (his bike). He’s been so excited to get to it for weeks now. And if you’re reading this, be careful William!

The mission of the day is t find a post office so I can post some things to Will’s family. We’ve bought so much we can’t carry it anymore. I also have to find some of that amazing watermelon I had yesterday! And do a bit more last minute gift buying. I’ve kind of run out of places to shop though. I won’t find anything interesting and Indian at the mall and there doesn’t seem to be a typical market nearby. I’ll have to explore a bit further. Unfortunately I have not taken any photos worth putting up yet and William has all the god stuff. Maybe tomorrow. Till then!

“Are my teeth OK?!”


It is as if years have passed since the last time I blogged. Well, it feels that way considering how much has happened in between. We are now in the very hot, very tropical part of India, Goa. The last news you had been of my camera incident. We never actually went to find the camera. I was arguing with myself about that the whole day. Should I go? Is it worth it? Will we find it? Should I put William through all that just for a camera when we still had his to use? So we firstly decided to leave it till the next day and enjoy the wonderful beach town of Colva. We stayed in quite a nice resort with a pool  for about R80 for a room. The sand here is soft and white. The water is luke warm and there are coconuts everywhere! My parents will be able to tell you that this is my kind of paradise (especially because of the coconuts)! There are pub/restaurants all along the beach, each with a unique vibe and sound. We watched the sun go down, had dinner at the resort (our table was also on the sand) and then hit the hay.

The next day was slightly more eventful. We decided to take a walk through the little town and do some shopping. My bags are already filled to the brim but I seem to always find a spot for something else. Because I couldn’t stop talking about my camera all morning Will suggested we rent a scooter and take a ride up to the railway track to see if we get lucky. So, thinking that I was quite an accomplished driver I wanted to give it a go. I mean how hard can it be? No gears, and I’ve ridden many go-carts and 4-wheelers before thanks to my brother. Boy, did this turn out to be the worst decision I’ve made in a long time (or since the day before when I lost my camera anyway).  Well, after a good start I had to deal with my first obstacle: an Indian round-a-bout. Let’s just say it didn’t go as planned because the next thing I was flying through the air. I slammed down pretty hard on my chin. Now those who know me would know how I feel about blood etc. I just didn’t look. I couldn’t. The first words I could get out were, “Are my teeth OK!?”. William tried not to freak me out so he just said everything was fine. Immediately there were about 15 Indian guys all around me. A water bottle was being emptied on my head and face and I was told to hold my chin. It was about then that I realised the dirt in my mouth was actually the chips of my tooth. I was then zoomed off (on another scooter) to the clinic where I was to receive 3 stitches. After the first two the doctor stopped because I couldn’t handle it anymore.

So now I look like I’ve had some very fancy plastic surgery done on my chin and my one tooth is chipped. Needless to say I was very bummed. This meant no swimming. IN GOA!!! Well at least not any major swimming. I managed to go in the next day. I just had to stay in the shallow waters.We decided to stay in Colva for a few more days just so that I could get over the shock. But we are now in Anjuna. Each place we go to seems to just be better than the previous. There are more foreigners here but it’s much more relaxed than Colva. It has a very bohemian feel to it. The restaurants are all either over looking the sea and decorated so beautifully with lanterns and hippy music. The little stalls here don’t all have the same thing like most do in the rest of India. We rented another scooter. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t a little nervous when I first got on again. But like I said before, William is the one who should be driving and is quite skilled in this area so I soon relaxed. It really is the best way to get around. The beaches here are about 10min from each other so we go zooming between them all day. And it’s cheap, about R30 a day! And speaking of cheap: we spoiled ourselves last night and had lobster! It tasted amazing but it was destroyed in about 5min. For only R100, we felt we just had to give it a try.

So now we are off to have a cool drink on the beach and a swim for William. And I think pizza is in order as well, even though it takes me about 30min to eat 2 slices..

(oh and I didn’t have any photos with me now so I’ll put them up at a later stage)