From Lobster to Bread and Cheese. Minus the cheese.

My last days in India were spent sleeping, eating, searching for the post office, and just roaming the streets of Bangalore in general. I walked through the entire mall in one day, there were some really nice shops there. I found an interesting street market the one day. There were so many different things on offer. From clothes to food to jewelry. I also ate a whole bunch of watermelon. They prepare it in the most delicious way. Chopping some up for you on a piece of magazine paper,the man then sprinkles it with a chilly seasoning. The combination of sweet and hot works wonders on your taste buds. And for about R1 its a cheap and delicious snack. I was also great full for about  5 English channels on Tv. There was always a good movie or series on.

I left at 12am for the airport seeing as my flight was at 4am. I slept through most of the flight because I had been up all night. I arrived in Dubai, waited there for about 3 hours (for the third time in four months), then flew to Athens. I was really excited to be landing in Greece. I had wanted to come to this beautiful country for some time. As we started our decent I could see many little islands with white villages scattered along the coast. This made me even more excited. But as I stepped off the plane I realised it was definitely not summer here yet. It was only about 15 degrees and cloudy. There goes my plan of lying on white pebble beaches for a week while I waited for William. After my third flight of the day I arrived in Thessaloniki. Sadly the weather was the same here. I took a bus ride for 1 euro into town and met my couch surfing host.

I stayed with a very nice couple for the first 3 nights. The students of Thessaloniki are about to start exams so it is a bit of a bad time to be staying here. I therefore spent most of my days out in the city walking and exploring. There are beautiful old buildings, churches and ruins around every corner. I imagine the rest of Greece has a similar pattern. Thessaloniki is also a bit of a hilly city, so one day I walked all the way up the biggest hill I could find. After about 2 hours of navigating through the tiny streets and alley ways I found myself looking out over the entire city. I could see the harbor, the bigger churches and the famous Aristotelous Square I had just been in a few hours ago. It was a stunning view. At the top of this hill I also discovered the ruins of a giant wall that used to surround the city along with a very castle-like tower. Similar to the one at the waterfront (The White Tower).

Because my hosts had to study I moved to another set of couch surfers after my first 4 days here. I’m now staying with Maria and Kosmas, along with Huma, another couch surfer in town from Istanbul. We have had some great times together. Last night we went to an open air concert on the waterfront. Thessaloniki is campaigning to be voted as the youth capital of Europe and I believe this was an event to promote that. I think they deserve it. It feels like this whole city is only populated by youth. There is such a great vibe. But I can’t help but notice how different the European people, especially the younger crowd, carry and dress themselves. 90% of the kids here have some kind of facial piercing or pink/blue/black hair. There is very punky feel to the fashion here. While the older generation are always dressed so smartly and sexily, especially the women. I am also yet to see a girl or woman who is not beautifully stunning in my books.

William is yet to arrive in Greece. He has had to deal with a few speed bumps on our road to getting our European leg officially started. The bike he had to fetch in England is giving him some major insurance issues. It is apparently only insured for the EU. Which means we can’t take it to Turkey or Georgia. They say bad luck comes in threes. Well after my camera and stitches let’s hope this is number three. William has now bought a car for us to drive to Turkey and is on a ferry from Venice to Greece as I write this. I will reserve my opinion on these decisions he’s made. Let’s just say I wasn’t planning on buying a car in Europe.

So here I am, still waiting in Thessaloniki. It’s been a week now. We had beautiful weather here yesterday though. Blue skies all around. But today it’s returned back to the cloudy weather of before. Will says he’ll arrive late tonight so I have the whole day to myself again. Huma is leaving for Istanbul today aswell so not sure what my plans are gonna be. Wonder what color my new car is?


One thought on “From Lobster to Bread and Cheese. Minus the cheese.

  1. Kirsten .. I/we are simply amazed to read how easily you seem to travel anywhere .. have you never got lost ? I remember in Italy on my own being scared stiff of not finding my way back to Nikki’s digs .. you are making the most fabulous memories .. hope you like the colour of the car .. Look after yourself .. luv Ouma and Al

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