New Camera!

Hey just thought I’d give a quick update seeing as I was at the internet cafe again. I went shopping a bit yesterday at that nice mall and ended up buying a new camera! I wasn’t planning on getting a new one but my dad said I should. I spent the entire day just running around the mall, going into every electronic shop and decided on n average looking Kodak. It only cost me about R850 after all. But looks like it will do the job. I still think of my poor camera lying on the tracks daily though. I miss him.

Speaking of missing: It’s my second day by myself. I got a quick email from Will this morning saying he was dead tired but safely at his aunt’s house in England. He also sounded very excited that he finally had his new toy (his bike). He’s been so excited to get to it for weeks now. And if you’re reading this, be careful William!

The mission of the day is t find a post office so I can post some things to Will’s family. We’ve bought so much we can’t carry it anymore. I also have to find some of that amazing watermelon I had yesterday! And do a bit more last minute gift buying. I’ve kind of run out of places to shop though. I won’t find anything interesting and Indian at the mall and there doesn’t seem to be a typical market nearby. I’ll have to explore a bit further. Unfortunately I have not taken any photos worth putting up yet and William has all the god stuff. Maybe tomorrow. Till then!


3 thoughts on “New Camera!

  1. Allawêreld, dit klink te heerlik daar. ek wil nog net die foto’s sien. hoop nie ‘n slang het jou ook gepik nie! Love Fasha

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