Incredible India!

So I have finally made it through the long months of waiting. Though at times it felt like years. I had been packed and completely ready to go for about 2 weeks. I left South Africa feeling extremely excited and ready for an adventure of a lifetime, and I realised the minute I landed in this country that that was exactly what was in store for me.

I arrived in Mumbai feeling pretty tired and not very keen for the next few legs of my trip to Delhi. I was greeted with many stares at the airport though everyone was very friendly. i soon realised that i had to make my way to a different airport. So I got a taxi. This was my first true Indian experience and i sat at the back of this very old looking car with the biggest smile on my face all the way.  I recognised the model but couldn’t name it right now.

The streets of Mumbai look just like you’d imagine. dirty, dusty, crowded. But you could never experience it the way i did until sitting in the back of one of these. I immediately fell in love with this country. Well,  after waiting at the next airport for quite sometime due to my flight being delayed and then also sitting in the plane for even longer I arrived in New Delhi, in the dark. I got my bags pretty easily and the same goes for my driver to take me to my hotel where i would wait for William to arrive from Darjeeling.

The hotel was in the middle of an amazing market. Busy, crazy, crowded.Taxi’s and rickshaws and cows fight each other to make their way through market. I expected Will to arrived within the next hour or two. But no. 5:30am the next morning he only knocks at the door. Let’s just say i didn’t sleep a wink that night. I was so worried about him.  I was so relieved when I saw him! But I sent him straight to the shower!!

We spent two nights in Delhi, mostly just walking through the market and relaxing.Will and I had beautiful henna done. We then jumped on a train to New Jaipalguri. The train ride was such a great way to see the countryside. We passed through the nicest little towns and villages. We saw water buffalo wading in the waters, monkeys, and lots of goats, cows and people tending to their farms. After arriving we then took a 4×4 taxi up the foothills of the Himalayas to the beautiful town of Darjeeling. I think I lost all my cellulite on that taxi ride what with all the bumps and potholes we had to maneuver over.

Darjeeling is an incredible city perched on the side of one very steep mountain. It’s misty and cool. A wonderful break from the heat and dust in the rest of India.  I think if i lived here I would be a hundred times fitter than I am now though. These hills can make you very tired very quickly. But every now and then you pass and old man or woman carrying either water, potatoes or wood on their backs weight about the same as I do.

We had to come back here to fetch Will’s bike. Tomorrow we start making our way to Varanasi (the religious capital of India) and thereafter we will take a very long train ride all the way south to Bangaluru and then  drive the bike to Goa. I’ll add a photo or two soon!

So south it is for us. This means heat. About 35 to 40 everyday. I hope to write again soon! till then 🙂


8 thoughts on “Incredible India!

  1. now you’ve left us wondering what happened to the camera episode….and excuse my ignorance,who is Apie??? thought one of the monkeys you met at
    the temple, but obviously not…
    ps agree with bernhard…you are the right person in the right place…..

  2. Oh my word!!! This is so exciting!! Ek is só bly jy doen so fantastiese trip. Geniet elke oomblik en hou net aan met skryf – dis te beautiful! x

  3. Although my Email address was not correct I got your wonderful report about your first days in India. You seem to be the right person for this country as you see the beauties of the places although there is a lot which is not so pleasant for our western eyes. Wish I was younger to follow your trace in this totally different world. It’s amazing you got enough time to write down your impressions in such an impressive way. Looking forward reading more of you. Good luck and love from Bernhard and Lissy.

  4. So happy for you. Sounds so exciting the way you describe it makes us feel we are with you there! Wonderful times ahead to explore and absorb it all. Keep safe and healthy. All well in George. Looking forward to pics soon. Groete en liefde ook aan Apie Swanepoel, dink nie hy verstaan Engels nie!. Love you lots and best wishes and hugs to you both. Love. XXXX

  5. Sounds incredible – hope to see pictures of Apie Swanepoel at the foot of the Himalayas or enjoying himself on the beach in Goa!

  6. Wow kirstie…so it is all really happening.. agree with ouma that you are developing a knack for writing,,,who knows, maybe you can one day publish a book about this all…plse add photos, and play safe whatever you do….but most of all, Absorb it all , go with the flow, and ENJOY !!!!
    a presto xxxx n

  7. SO glad to hear you’ve having such an amazing time, Kirst! Please do post pictures soon. Can’t wait to read the next blog! Love Kate xx

  8. Wonderful reading your story so far. You describe everything so well. We will be keeping an eye open for more of this exciting journey you are on. Take care and god bless, Elma and Al xx

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